UNILAG: the preferred Choice

logo The University of Lagos is the preferred choice for more than 20 per cent of those seeking admission to higher institutions of learning in Nigeria. The several reasons why UNILAG is an ideal institution of study for local students also account for why it is a top choice for international students seeking an African taste of education. UNILAG is located in the heart of cosmopolitan Lagos and exudes to the fullest the vibrancy that is Africa's largest city. It is home to a young population of students who are well-exposed and open to intercultural dialogue and diversity. It is essentially the intellectual base of a city where academics and professionals interact, the by-product of which are the opportunities made available for students and young scholars. Those who study here are have no choice but to be influenced by the academic, industry and cultural imprints. Part of the reasons why they can't but be influenced is the inclusive nature of UNILAG where everyone is made to feel a part of the community. The main campus of the University is built on an 802 acre land bordered by the scenic Lagos Lagoon in Yaba, Eastern Lagos. Yaba itself is a concentration of academic institutions and affords students the choice of near-by libraries and historical sites. Thanks to our location in the heart of Nigeria's commercial capital, we have strategic partnerships with key industry players with global outreach. Our curriculum is up-to-date and translates to having students who can think on their feet, who can translate from here directly elsewhere. Our target is to redefine the concept of education by ensuring that, more than dishing out lectures, we are facilitating the process of learning such that those who come into our campus not just receive knowledge, but also apply it to real life situations. With over five decades in existence, UNILAG has a faculty grounded in experience and substance, and dynamic enough to be digital-compliant. A testament of their prowess is the number of ambassadors that the University has produced and is producing. Finally, we recognize the need to be international in our outlook and be welcoming to students and faculty from across the world. Hence we have gone into partnerships with likeminded universities in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. We also have disciplines, particularly in the arts, which are based on the languages and cultures of Russia, China, Europe and Africa. Coming to UNILAG then means you are connected in a global web of knowledge exchange and the opportunities that this connectivity provides. Coming to UNILAG is an experience of a lifetime. Coming to UNILAG is a choice you won't regret.

Professor Folashade Ogunsola
DVC Development Services